LCD Backlighting Kit for Gameboy Pocket

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This all inclusive kit is optimum for your custom Gameboy Pocket mod! 

This IPS panel has 36 built-in retro color combinations and is 11% larger than the original LCD screen. 

This Kit includes:

1 IPS LCD Screen

1 GBP Ribbon Cable

Custom installation tape

1 Glass Lens 



Please note:

The LCD is delicate. The GBP kit requires hands-on skill, specifically, retrofitting the construction of the shell, and welding a power line and the touch unit.

The DMG motherboard will use analog sound and produce a noise floor. Be sure to clean the power switches and volume switches to reduce any noise floor present. 

Please test each item when you receive it, before you complete your modification. 

Be sure to make all modifications as carefully as possible as each item is fragile!

We do not take any responsibility for any damages incurred during modifications. 


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